Orthodontic Relapse Treatment in Pflugerville, TX

Have you ever taken a break from wearing your retainer only to discover that it feels tight or doesn’t fit quite right? When teeth aren’t properly retained post-orthodontic treatment, they can begin shifting back to their original positions. If you underwent orthodontic treatment in the past and are now interested in straightening your smile once again, our Pflugerville orthodontic team would be happy to assist. Contact our office today!

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Why do teeth relapse after wearing braces?

The most common reason teeth begin to shift once a patient has their braces removed or they stop wearing clear aligners is due to insufficient retainer usage. Most orthodontists recommend that patients wear their retainers every night, but some patients find that they can wear their retainers a few nights per week with no noticeable changes to their smiles. Other reasons for orthodontic relapse include missing teeth, wisdom teeth growing in, gum disease, and chronic teeth grinding or TMJ.

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How long does it take teeth to shift?

If you forgot to bring your retainer with you on a week-long trip—don’t worry. Small shifts that occur from not wearing a retainer for a few days or weeks can usually be corrected when the patient goes back to wearing their retainer regularly again. However, teeth tend to shift faster during the first year post-orthodontic treatment, so we highly recommend that you aim to wear your retainer every night during this time. The more you can stick to this habit, the less you have to worry about your teeth shifting!

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How do you fix an orthodontic relapse?

If you lose or break your retainer, please get in touch with our office as soon as possible, as we may be able to create a new custom retainer for you. If it’s been quite a while since you’ve worn a retainer, we recommend scheduling an evaluation with our team. From there, Dr. Ortiz can create a custom treatment plan to straighten your smile using metal braces, ceramic braces, or clear aligners. We will also provide you with an estimate for how long your treatment will likely take before you begin.

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What if I don’t want to wear a retainer?

If you struggle to remember to wear your retainer or frequently misplace it, you may be interested in utilizing a permanent retainer. Permanent retainers are adhered to the back of the teeth and work 24/7 to keep the teeth precisely in place. Patients who wear permanent retainers need to be extra meticulous when it comes to keeping their teeth and retainers clean, but they can be a great option for patients who don’t want to worry about wearing their retainers frequently enough.

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