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The end of orthodontic treatment marks a new era of self-confidence and oral health. However, while there may no longer be brackets or aligners moving your teeth into an improved position, patients post orthodontic treatment do have to embrace an orthodontic retainer. An orthodontic retainer retains teeth in their corrected position, allowing you to enjoy the longevity of your orthodontic results! If you’re at the end of your orthodontic treatment, contact our office about custom retainers in Pflugerville, TX!

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What are the types of retainers for teeth?

Removable retainers and permanent retainers are the two main types of retainers upon completion of orthodontic treatment. A removable teeth retainer can be a wire retainer or clear plastic retainer, while permanent retainers are as simple as a single wire behind the lower and upper teeth. Dr. Ortiz usually prescribes your orthodontic retainer according to the condition of the misalignment with consideration of your lifestyle.

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Can I still wear my retainer if it doesn’t fit?

After the treatment process of braces or clear aligners, the last thing you want is for your teeth to shift. To prevent this, we recommend patients wear their orthodontic retainer as directed. We often recommend patients wear their retainer nightly for the first year. After the first year of consistent use, some patients may be able to shift to wearing their retainer every other night. If your trainer is loose or tight, don’t wear the retainer, as it can cause harm to your teeth and gums. Instead, contact our office about a teeth retainer evaluation.

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Will retainers straighten teeth back?

Wearing your teeth retainer as directed will maintain the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment. However, retainers are not designed to straighten teeth on their own. Custom retainers do not apply the steady force required to shift the position of teeth. If you’re concerned with the alignment of your teeth, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule a consultation to determine if an orthodontic retainer or treatment can help you reach your desired smile.

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